A subsidiary of the second largest French banking group BPCE – 8,200 branches in France, 127,000 employees – Credit Foncier is a market leader in the financing of property in France, working at a European level.

Since 1852, the company has been offering a complete range of products and services to help customers make their property and inheritance projects come to life – mortgages, renovation or home-improvement loans, buy-to-let investment arrangements and associated services.

Credit Foncier offers companies and investors financial arrangements of high added value, in accordance with their asset-financing, short-term financing, property-acquisition and financial-renting needs.

For the public sector, Crédit Foncier is developing its direct-financing business with BPCE  group, both in France and at internationally.

Its activities are supported by its subsidiary Compagnie de Financement Foncier, a property-loan company. This enables Crédit Foncier to obtain particularly advantageous cost-of-funds terms and to benefit from top-level financial engineering.

Market leader in property projects

  • Leader among mortgage companies
  • Leader in rental property investment
  • Leader in property market analysis, with Foncier Expertise
  • Largest private issuer (after the French State), 3rd rd European non-sovereign issuer and 7th world non-sovereign issuer, through the Compagnie de Financement Foncier. Crédit Foncier is France’s largest and Europe’s second largest issuer of property bonds.

Key figures (to 31.12.2010)

  • Total credit production €16.8 bln of which €8.5 bln to private individuals
  • Total outstanding: €117.8 bln of which €60.6 bln to private individuals
  • Operating Income: €994 m
  • Net profit : €253 m

More information about Credit Foncier on creditfoncier.com

In order to suit non-resident specific customers’ expectations, Credit Foncier has created a department fully dedicated to provide tailor-made financing solutions to foreign individuals or French expatriates investing in French property.

Buying a property in France does not only mean getting a mortgage. Indeed, you are entitled to receive the right expertise capable of understanding your personal situation wich may be complex and unique. And therefor, you deserve to be advised by someone that can speak and understand your language, your culture.

Efficiency and simplicity are the key words. Thanks to streamlined processes, Credit Foncier Buying In France is able to deliver quick response to your request.

Dealing with a specialized team is also an opportunity for you to be supported from start to finish, to be accompanied you through the different stages up to the successful conclusion of the transaction.

Relying on a team of experts

  • An experienced bilingual sales network located in the most popular areas of France
  • A dedicated team of qualified and trained credit analysts
  • A bilingual customer services team dedicated to foreign customers’ concerns
  • A product and service range specially designed for non-resident clients

Deal directly or meet locally

Thanks to both a remote sales platform and a network of local branches located in the most popular or convenient areas, Credit Foncier enables you to receive advice the way that best suits you :

  • Pick-up the financing solution you wish and get an estimate on our website over the internet,
  • Get in touch with a bilingual consultant over the phone,
  • Meet locally with one of our financial advisors.
Whatever option you may choose, Credit Foncier will make sure to answer all your questions whether your concern regarding the documentation (loan application, health questionnaire, loan offering documents, etc.) or the context of your operation (financial, legal, fiscal, etc.). With Credit Foncier, you are assured to be accompanied and advised until the disbursement of funds and up to the term of your loan.

Credit Foncier is committed to deliver

Value through specialization

  • Flexible tailor-made financing solutions dedicated to non-resident customers
  • Expertise in handling specific or complex issues

The human dimension

  • Multicultural and bilingual advisors familiar with legal and fiscal requirements
  • Single BtoB specialized consultants

Efficiency and simplicity

  • Streamlined processes to ensure a reactive response within 48 hours
  • Direct personalized consultancy and efficient customer service

Support from start to finish

  • Helping customers through the different stages up to the successful conclusion of the transaction
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